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My vehicle was brought here for review of possible transmission issues. Upon receipt of the initial phone call from the mechanic Marty, he informed me that the cost to inspect the transmission would be $575. I was never offered or advised of the free performance check. This is my first issue. My second issue is upon agreeing to pay the $575 to inspect the transmission, I decided not to go further with the repairs that were recommended by the mechanic Marty. After heavy sales pressure, he advised me that I could pick take the weekend to think about it. On Monday the 1st I advised Marty that I was not going to go any further with the repairs. I picked my truck up on Tuesday the 2nd of July. I drove the vehicle approximately 15 miles and had to pull to the side of the road due to a very loud noise coming from under the hood. I immediately called Marty and informed him of this. After some time he agreed to have the vehicle towed back to the shop and he made sure to inform me that if the issue was not related to the Trans that I would be responsible for the tow which was $94. My vehicle had never before made noise like this so I agreed to his terms. Upon Marty's review of the vehicle he claims to have road tested the truck and heard nothing and advised me to return to claim vehicle with the $94. I foolishly went to get the truck thinking the problem was a one time thing, drove the vehicle no less than 5 miles and the noise returned. The vehicle has been parked ever since. Marty and his mechanics did me a huge disservice by ever working on my vehicle. I was never informed of a free performance check option, and after paying $669.00 I am stuck with a truck that operates MUCH worse than it did prior to me bringing it in. Don't waste your time or money here. Unfair business practices that take advantage of women.

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